ATS pro Terra Sancta has been working in the village for some years, in collaboration with the local Mosaic Centre association, which deals with conservation training and awareness raising activities for local schools. Thanks to the Custody of the Holy Land and other private donations, the first activities were carried out to protect the ancient remains that were in a state of decay and abandonment. Since April 2017, a project has been underway to promote the place entitled “Hospitable Bethany: sustainable development in support of the local community”, thanks to the contribution of the Italian Agency for Development Cooperation (AICS) – MAECI.

The project also involves local women’s associations, the Department of Archeology of the University of Al Quds, the School of Business and Society (ALTIS) of the Catholic University of Milan and collaborates with the Municipality of Bethany.

The reasons for the project

The wealth of Betania’s historical and cultural heritage, one of its few resources, can play a key role in the economic, social and environmental improvement of its local community, for inclusive and sustainable growth.

However, the tourists who arrive in Bethany have diminished, after the construction of the Wall that separates Bethany from Jerusalem, and those who arrive remain little time. The project therefore focuses on the development of alternative tourism strategies, seeking to improve the quality of the visit and lengthen its duration. The project works so that tourism can benefit local communities, people in difficulty, creating new job opportunities, helping to alleviate poverty and cultivating a sense of pride among community members, especially young people.

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