The conservation works are very important in the project and are an opportunity to train some young locals as technicians. Conservation and training activities are entrusted to the direction of arch. Osama Hamdan and the group of technicians of the Mosaic Centre and are made thanks to funding from AICS (Italian Agency for Cooperation and Development). Many areas have been recovered and made accessible, thanks also to the archaeological excavation works carried out in collaboration with prof. Ibrahim Abu Amr and his students from Al Quds University and under the supervision of prof. Eugenio Alliata of the Studium Biblicum Franciscanum.

The main objective of the excavation and conservation actions is to expand the visiting path of tourists and to aware local comunity to benefit from their cultural heritage.

Collaboration with the local university is an important exchange. University students have the opportunity to improve their technical skills and can actually experiment with excavation methods and at the same time contribute to the salvation and enhancement of the site.

Another operation much appreciated by tourists and the local population was the virtual visit to the Tomb of Lazarus. In fact, the tomb is accessed only through a steep staircase carved into the rock in the 16th century by the Franciscans. A 3D kit, developed by a team of Palestinian youth, guarantees the virtual visit of the tomb for pilgrims and tourists with motor disabilities to whom access is impossible. The management of the support was entrusted to the souvenir shop that manages access to the tomb on behalf of the Municipality of Bethany.